providing design and print services
for all types & sizes of business
(specialising in motorsport industry & teams)

Just like your personality makes you uniquely you, your brand personality is the secret spice that sets you apart from all the others. Whether you’re looking to create a new brand, update your existing one, or just add a new feature to your current marketing, Andy can help with a unique outlook that will suit your “Brand Personality”



Andy can source it.


Just like your personality makes you uniquely you, your brand personality is the secret spice that sets your business or group apart from all the others. And your brand design? It’s all those elements that shape how your business or group is presented to the public.

Start out on the right foot with a full brand style guide so everyone is on the same page.

Know exactly what colours and fonts you should be using to attract your target audience.

The usual promotional products are pens and stubby holders, but if you really want to get noticed at your next expo, ask me to think outside the square.

And don’t forget to have a variety of versions of your logo for every occasion.


What could be more personal than having your very own character, based on YOU? Or how about doing a colouring-in competition, but using your own race car as the feature? Perhaps you have an idea for a simple set of cartoon strips to use in an advertising campaign. The possibilities are endless.

Have you thought about having a hand-drawn logo?

A custom drawn character for your business can be used in social media, posters, animated presentations.

Colouring competitions can be boring when you just use random clipart, so why not turn it into a targeted promotion with a custom drawing?

Found some clipart that ALMOST does what you want? I can modify existing (royalty free) artwork, add extra elements, and change it up to suit your needs.


When you think of a graphic designer, you probably think we only create business cards and brochures. But the reality is that you can use the talents and skills of a graphic designer for any kind of marketing and branding items you need.

Brand new artwork, or updating your existing artwork for all your business cards, brochures, posters, flyers etc…

Digital graphics, PDFs suitable for emailing, flip books and e-books.

Stay “on brand” with Canva or Word Document templates.

Need something a little different? I have designed everything from Truck Sidings, billboards, wallpaper, car wraps to temporary tattoos, t-shirts, flags and more. Not sure what you want … just ask, and we can come up with an idea together.

“Mostly I find my clients are ready for a marketing innovation. They’re prepared to step away from what everyone else is doing and stand out as a unique provider in the market place.” ~ Andy K

Belinda JohnsBelinda Johns
07:24 25 Nov 21
Delighted to highly recommend Andy as she has assisted me in my work for many years. Everything she does is simply superb! She is also considerate and thoughtful. Thanks again Andy!
Avril SollowayAvril Solloway
03:45 19 Aug 21
Highly recommend Andy. This very creative lady helped me put together just what I needed for my new business, and happily assisted me in other areas where I had no idea what I was doing.
Janelle MannixJanelle Mannix
05:55 09 Mar 21
Ordered a design for an a-frame. Had it created and done in less than a week. Am very happy with the friendliest, quickest, service. Very profession. Happy to use the service again. Highly recommended.
Tracey KilbrideTracey Kilbride
07:14 15 Sep 20
Highly recommend Andy Kahle her work is amazing. So pleased with my advertising campaign, i had remarkable results within a week of testing the first advert. I certainly wasn’t expecting the response i received so quickly. Seven new customers within a week, with an average spend of $230.00 this is dam good going for lingerie. This was down to Andy's knowledge and expertise in marketing and a completely different approach to my target audience.Thank You Andy Kahle you are one amazing lady🤩❤️
Little Monkey SportsLittle Monkey Sports
05:03 27 Jul 20
Andy is absolutely amazing! She has drawn some fantastic cartoons of our teachers and has made our monkey come to life! Not only has she done this but she has deigned some professional flyers and revamped our certificates. The design on demand service is quick, professional, high quality and great value. I can't wait to continue working with Andy and see where her designing takes us next!