Motorsport Marketing 101 – Do you really want to be Facebook friends with all your fans?

Whether you like it or not, being a racer means you have fans. Whether you’re an international celebrity or just a celebrity in your street, you can’t avoid the fact that there are people out there who think what you do is really cool, and they want to follow everything you do.

So then arrives the choice … do you really want to be Facebook friends with all your fans? 

Advantages of having a Race Page

  • Keep all your personal stuff between you and your friends.
    Your fans don’t really want to see pictures of you chilling with a beer beside the pool or playing with your dog.
  • Keep your race stuff separate from your non-race type friends
    Yes, we all have a few of those friends who are really sick of seeing posts about the last race.
  • Show some professionalism for your sponsors
    your sponsors would love the opportunity to share your achievements but are reluctant to share a personal profile.
  • Connect to more businesses, suppliers etc…
    as a page, you can still like other race and business pages, and it’s easier to comment and share to them. Even tag your sponsors in some of your photos.
  • Give someone else in the team edit ability so they can do updates while you’re busy racing.
    A page can have multiple editors and of various levels too.
  • Run Competitions
    You can run simple competitions, sell merchandise, have direct video feeds and so much more.

As a page, you can still …

  • Tag people and pages in posts and photos.
  • Receive Private Messages direct to your page
  • Send auto updates from your page to twitter
  • Send Instagram updates direct to your page.
  • Share directly to your page from any page or personal profile.

A couple of disadvantages …

  • As a page, you can’t post on or follow groups. (edited 2020: now you can)
    But if you make a post as your personal profile, you can then comment as your page.
  • Keeping your personal profile regularly updated is easy, but you’ll need to make sure you actively update your page (especially in the off season)



Note: Not everything you read on the internet is accurate. While I make every effort to check my facts and stats, this article is base on my opinions from over 30 years in the printing, marketing and advertising industry.

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