Happy REbirthday to Me….

The Transition

Today I turn 8 years old. You’re probably thinking that you’ve heard of people joking about being 21 again, or knocking a couple of years off their real age, but 8 years old? Who would want to be 8 years old again? Well, I do.

On the 29th of March, 2010 I hit the reset button on my life. That afternoon I went from being a healthy, never been in hospital, never even broken a bone, highly strung business creative to an “I don’t give a #$%^&, I just want to live” cancer survivor. Sure, that kind of realisation doesn’t quite happen over night, but getting told you have a highly aggressive cancer by your doctor, who himself is tearing up just sharing the news, can be quite the eye opener.

While everyone says “life is short”, it’s a very harsh realisation when you find out how true that statement actually is. And once you do come to that realisation, your whole personality and perspective of what’s important changes.

I’ve seen many people go through this change due to various life altering experiences – whether they’re accidents or illness – and from the inside it feels like someone switched on the light that allows you to see “why am I here”. But from the outside, to the many friends and family around us, sadly it often looks selfish and reckless.

Anyway, before I get too deep, this is what I consider to be the re-birth. While I would not wish a cancer diagnosis on my worst enemy, it was the catalist that turned me into a totally different person. I am no longer highly strung, stressed, and worried about everyone else, I am now cool, calm, and more interested in seeing what the world has to offer.

So happy 8th birthday to me.



Note: Not everything you read on the internet is accurate. While I make every effort to check my facts and stats, this article is base on my opinions from over 30 years in the printing, marketing and advertising industry.

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