Getting inspiration with #AwarenessDays – June 2019

Getting inspiration with #AwarenessDays – June 2019

We’re all becoming our own social media marketing experts, but trying to provide enough information to post without looking too “spammy” can really start to take its toll on your sanity. That’s where using awareness days can help out. When you’re stuck for inspiration, have a browse through the list and see what might be related to your business, or what just might be a bit of fun for the office.

It doesn’t take much, and my head is already whirring with ideas at this months unusual days.

JUNE 2019

1 World Milk Day
Go Barefoot Day
Trails Day
say something nice day
Global Day of Parents
International Children’s Day
dare day
flip a coin day
2 cancer survivors day (US) map reading week
rocky road day
rotisserie chicken day
leave the office early day
3 chimborazo day
thank god it’s monday day
repeat day
insect repellent awareness day
leave the office earlier day
chocolate macaroon day
love island day
World Bicycle Day
4 hug your cat day
tailors day
old maid’s day
cognac day
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5 sausage roll day
running day
world environment day
hot air balloon day
moonshine day
HIV Long-erm survivors day
International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
6 Gardening Exercise day
drive-in movie day
russian language day
yo-yo day
applesauce cake day
caves and karst day
International Day of Beauty
World Pest Day
National Day of Sweden
7 doughnut day (first friday)
vcr day
chocolate icecream day
fish and chip day
World Food Safety Day
8 world gin day love your burial ground week
best friends day
upsy daisy day
world oceans day
world doll day
World Brain Tumor Day
name your poison day
9 donald duck day
Rosé Day
worldwide knit in public day
Coral Triangle Day
nursing assistants day
10 iced tea day
ball point pen day
Portugal Day
herb and spices day
11 german chocolate cake day
call your doctor day
corn on the cob day
12 superman day
International Shia Day
Anne Frank Day
loving day
eanut butter cookie day
international falafel day
red nose day (US?)
World Day Against Child Labour
13 sewing machine day
jerkey day
international axe throwing day
farm workers day
International Albinism Awareness Day
weed your garden day
14 world blood donor day
flip-flop day (thongs)
flag day
bourbon day
international bath day
cupcake day
monkey around day
15 nature photography day
Global Wind Day
world juggling day
smile power day
magna carta day
lobster day
world elder abuse awareness day
beer day Britain
16 world tapas day
International Day of the African Child
fudge day
fresh veggies day
turkey lovers’ day
arborist appreciation day
International Day of Family Remittances
World Father’s Day 3rd sunday
International Integration Day
17 eat your vegetables day
apple strudel day
tessellation day
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
Icelandic National Day
18 international picnic day
go fishing day
international sushi day
international panic day
splurge day
cherry tart day
clean your aquarium day
Sustainable Gastronomy Day
Autistic Pride Day
go fishing day
19 Garfield the cat day
sauntering day
world sickle cell awareness day
martini day
International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
20 ice cream soda day
American eagle day
dump the pump day (petrol)
world productivity day
vanilla milkshake day
kouign Amann Day
World Refugee Day
International Surfing Day
21 take your dog to work day
world music day
go skateboarding day
daylight appreciation day
world humanist day
selfie day
make music day
international yoga day
world giraffe day
peaches n cream day
world motorcycle day
take back the lunch break day
World Hydrography Day
take a road trip day 3rd friday
22 onion rings day
chocolate eclair day
positive media day
b kinder day
23 let it go day
public service day
typewriter day
international women in engineering day
international widows day
boxkart bash day
International Olympic Day
24 swim a lap day
fairy day
please take my children to work day
pralines day
upcycling day
25 global Beatles day
catfish day
colour tv day
strawberry parfait day
goats cheese day
Day of the Seafarer
World Vitiligo Day
26 beautician’s day
forgiveness day
canoe day
chocolate pudding day
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
27 bomb pop day
Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day
sunglasses day
industrial workers of the world day
orange blossom day
National PTSD Awareness Day (US)
Helen Keller day
28 happy heart hugs day
insurance awareness day
International Body Piercing Day
ceviche day
tapioca day
paul bunyan day
Tau Day
CAPS LOCK DAY (also October 22nd)
29 waffle iron day
camera day
cream tea day
almond buttercrunch day
international mud day
armed forces day
world industrial design day
International Day of the Tropics
30 social media day
log cabin day
meteor watch day
International Asteroid Day
International Day of Parliamentarism



* Please note that not everything you read on the internet is accurate. If you see a day that intrigues you, I recommend you search the current date and geographic accuracy, along with the appropriate #tag before using it. 

Thank you to my friend and colleague, Sue from iManage Professionals for giving me permission to use her monthly social media blog article as inspiration for my own #Tags of the Month post.

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