Getting Creative with #AwarenessDays – January 2020

Getting Creative
with #AwarenessDays
– January 2020

It’s a whole new year and a whole new decade, so why not start on the right foot (provided you’ve #MeasuredYourFeet first) by making a #NewYearsResolution to #GetOrganised and #MakeYourDreamComeTrue by starting to #CleanOffYourDesk and fire up the old #MacintoshComputer to research the #Thesaurus for some extra words so you can attempt to #AnswerYourCatsQuestions.


WHOLE MONTH National Mentor Month
Down Syndrome Awarness Month
Clean Up Your Computer Month
Soup Month
Get a Balanced Life Month
Hobby Month
Be Kind to Food Servers Month
International Brain Teaser Month
Oatmeal Month
Creativity Month
Get Organised Month
Hot Tea Month
Celebration of Life Month
Bath Safety Month
Blood Donor Month
1 Z Day
Polar Bear Swim Day
Bloody Mary Day
Commitment Day
Euro Day
Copyright law day
New Years Day
Global Family Day
International Public Domain Day
National Hangover Day
2 science fiction day
world introvert day
buffet day
motivation & inspiration day
personal trainer awareness day
happy mew year for cats
Run it up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes it Day
3 chocolate covered cherry day
drinking straw day
festival of sleep day
Fruitcake Toss Day
Humiliation Day
4 trivia day
hypnotism day
pop music chart day
spaghetti day
world braille day
5 whipped cream day
bird day
Bean Day
6 cuddle up day
weigh in day
three kings day
shortbread day
apple tree day
bean day
Old Rock Day
National Technology Day
World War Orphans Day
7 tempura day
i’m not going to take it anymore day
harlem globetrotter’s day
bobblehead day
old rock day
8-14 Blockchain Week
8 bubble bath day
argyle day (shapes)
show & tell at work day
joy germ day
earth’s rotation day
Male Watcher’s day
once only No Pants Subway/Metro Ride
2nd Wed of Jan National Take the Stairs Day
9 apricot day
play god day
balloon ascension day
law enforcement appreciation day
static electricity day
World Nerd Day
10 peculiar people day
cut your energy costs day
houseplant appreciation day
bittersweet chocolate day
World Laughter Day
11 step in a puddle and splash your friends day
hot toddy day
world sketchnote day
heritage treasures day
learn your name in morse code day
milk day
International Parity at Work Day
International Thank-You Day
12 kiss a ginger day
marzipan day
pharmacist day
Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
International Earth Chakra Day
13 sticker day
rubber duckie day
public radio broadcasting day
make your dream come true day
International Skeptics Day
peach melba day
clean off your desk day
14 dress up your pet day
hot pastrami sadwich day
poetry at work day
international kite day
organize your home day
15 hat day
strawberry icecream day
pothole day
museum selfie day
Bagel and Lox Day
Wikipedia Day
Intestinal malrotation and Volvulus Awareness Day
16 nothing day
women’s healthy weight day
religious freedom day
appreciate a dragon day
international hot and spicy food day
17 ditch new year’s resolutions day
cable car day
kid inventors’ day
18 thesaurus day
winnie the pooh day
Soup Swap Day
19 popcorn day
3rd Sunday in Jan religion day
tin can day
20 disc jockey day
cheese lovers day
camcorder day
day of acceptance
buttercrunch (peanut brittle) day
penguin awareness day
21 hugging day
playdate day
squirrel appreciation day
granola bar day
international sweatpants day
22 answer your cats questions day
celebration of life day
hot sauce day
blonde brownie day (food)
23 pie day
handwriting day
measure your feet day
24 beer can appreciation day
talk like a grizzled prospector day
Global Belly Laugh Day
peanut butter day
compliment Day
Macintosh Computer Day
International Day of Education
Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day
25 opposite day
irish coffee day
visit your local quilt shop day
a room of one’s own day
Last Sat in Jan seed swap day
Chinese New Year – Year of the Rat
26 Australia Day
Spouse’s Day
Peanut Brittle Day
last sunday in Jan Leprosy Prevention Day
27 chocolate cake
world breast pumping day
blue monday
national geographic day
Australia Day Public Holiday
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
last Mon in Jan bubble wrap appreciation day
28 data privacy day
global community engagement day
blueberry pancake day
kazoo day
Fun at Work Day
29 puzzle day
freethinkers day
cornchip day
curmudgions day
30 inane answring message day
croissant day
CTE Awareness Day
31 backward day
Street Children’s Day
inspire your heart with art day
gorilla suit day

* Please note that not everything you read on the internet is accurate. If you see a day that intrigues you, I recommend you search the current date and geographic accuracy, along with the appropriate #tag before using it. 



Thank you to my friend and colleague, Sue from iManage Professionals for giving me permission to use her monthly social media blog article as inspiration for my own #Tags of the Month post.

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